Handmade Home Decor - inspired by the world around me

I'm Rachel Whitehurst, and I'm here to make things to decorate your space. I've always been a lover of nature, food, crafting, sculpting, and painting. After making videos on Youtube for six years, I decided to do something a little more hands on. Art is a passion, a stress reliever, a mood booster, and one of the things in life that makes me the happiest. I'm inspired by the nature of my home in the Pacific Northwest, foods, tiny things, and the beauty of the world around me (no I haven't been to space... yet). I make each piece by hand, and can't wait to share what I've made with you.

Be sure to check out my social channels below for more updates on future pieces and photos of my cats attempting to make art of their own. If you share your purchases online, use #shopRWD so I can share them on my pages!
If you'd like to support my art journey and get a more behind the scenes look at how I create things for my shop and gain exclusive perks and rewards, consider joining my patreon! 
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If you'd like to know more about me and the content I make online outside of Etsy, you can check out my weekly podcast at http://coffeewithchrachel.net

Thanks for checking out my store! Hope to see you again soon.

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